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We aspire to become a global market leader with the Healthcare Sector as a whole, as well as to pioneer the shift towards new and innovative technological advances within South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa


Mission statement

Our mission is to fully equip the Healthcare practitioner, which will ultimately improve patient care and quality of life through all spheres Position in the Market. We provide innovative, comprehensive, cost-effective and flexible solutions by listening to our customers, partners, and employees, utilizing our design and technical excellence and creating a culture where employees develop and grow.


The core values we strive towards are:

Integrity and Excellence – We ensure that all products are sourced through legitimate channels and are of the highest quality available. We guarantee our products and services

Customer Orientated – We are dedicated to enhancing patient care and treatment within South Africa

Commitment and Accountability – We ensure that all products and our staff comply with our principle of accountability. Product Faults as well as personnel challenges are closely monitored and rectified as soon as possible

Innovation – We are constantly striving to find new and innovative ways to enhance patient care and wellness.

Tara Technologies was founded in 2008, by Mr Nicholas Naidoo, with a vision to creating a more

accessible and economical solution to all healthcare providers. We specialize in keeping up to date with pioneering solutions as seen throughout the modern world. As our name suggests, we are constantly striving to bring the future of healthcare to Africa. We pride ourselves on promoting better patient care through access to innovative healthcare technology. Our areas of expertise covers many disciplines, including: - Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Urology, HIV/AIDS Prevention and Wound Care, as well general consumables.


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E-Mail: info@taratech.co.za


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